Business Titles from Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.


Accountability, Social Responsibility & Sustainability: Accounting for Society & the Environment, 2014

Accounting, 9th edition, 2012

Accounting for Finance & Business, 2013

Accounting & Finance: An Introduction with MyAccountingLab Access Card, 8th ed., 2016

Accounting & Finance for Non-Specialists, 9th edition, 2014

Accounting for Non-Accounting Students, 8th edition

Accounting Simplified, 2011

Accounting Theory & Practice, 8th edition, 2011
Accounts Demystified, 6th edition, 2011

Advanced Financial Accounting, 7th edition, 2003

Advanced Financial Accounting, 2011

Advanced Management Accounting, 2013

Auditing Fundamentals, 2011

Book-Keeping & Accounts, 8th edition, 2013

Brilliant Accounting, 2011

Brilliant Book-Keeping, 2011

Brilliant Negotiations: What Brilliant Negotiators Know, Do & Say

Business Accounting & Finance, 2012

Business Accounting, Vol. 1, 10th edition, 2005
Business Accounting Vol. 2, 10th edition, 2005

Business Accounting Volume 1 with MyLab, 13th ed., 2014

Business Accounting UK GAAP Vol. 1

Buisiness Accounting UK GAAP Vol. 2

Cases in Management Accounting
By Tom Groot & Kari Lukka, December 200

Comparative International Accounting, 11th edition

Complete Course in Business Accounting, 2nd edition, 2001
Cost Accounting Principles & Practice
By Alan Upchurch, August 2002

Determining Value: Valuation Models & Financial Statements, 2001
Essential Finance & Accounting for Managers, 2002
Essential Financial Accounting For Managers
By Leslie Chadwick, April 2001
Essential Management Accounting For Managers
By Leslie Chadwick, December 2000

Financial Accounting, 4th edition 2006

Financial Accounting, 2012

Financial Accounting: An International Approach
By Jagdish Kothari & Elisabetta Barone, June 2006

Financial Accounting, 5th edition
An International Introduction, 2013

Financial Accounting, 2nd edition, 2011 [Benedict & Elliott]

Financial Accounting: An Introduction, 6th ed., 2014 [Weetman]

Financial Accounting & Reporting, 16th ed., 2013

Financial Accounting for Decision Makers, 7th edition, 2013

Financial Accounting for Non-specialists, 3rd Edition
By Peter Atrill & Eddie McLaney, May 2002
Financial Accounting: Maintaining Financial Records & Accounts, October 2001
Financial & Management Accounting: An Introduction, 6th ed., 2014

Financial Times Guide to Using & Interpreting Company Accounts, 3rd Edition, 2003

Forensic Accounting, 2011

Frank Wood's A-Level Accounting, 4th Edition, 2004

Frank Wood's Book-Keeping & Accounts, 6th Edition, 2004

Frank Wood's Business Accounting, Vol 1. 13th ed., 2015

Frank Wood's Business Accounting Vol. 2, 13th edition, 2015

Frank Wood's Business Accounting Basics

Frank Wood's Business Accounting Multiple Choice Question Book, 2nd Edition
By Tommy Robinson, December 2000

International Corporate Reporting , 4th edition

International Financial Accounting, 2nd Edition A Comparative Approach
By Clare Roberts, Pauline Weetman and Paul Gordon, January 2002

Interpreting Company Reports and Accounts, 10th edition 2008

Introduction to Accounting & Finance, 2nd edition

Introduction to Accounting Information Systems, 2012

Introduction to Financial Accounting, 10th edition, 2012

Introduction to Management Accounting, 2012

Maintaining Financial Records & Accounts, 2001

Management Accounting, 2nd edition

Management Accounting: An Introduction, 3rd edition, 2002
Mangement Accounting for Decision Makers, 8th ed, 2015
Management & Cost Accounting, 3rd edition, 2004

Managerial Accounting, 4th edition, 2012

Managerial Accounting for Business Decisions, 2nd edition 2006

Practical Accounting, 2001
Principles of Auditing, 3rd edition, 2014
Principles of Financial Accounting, 3rd Edition, 2004
Public Sector Accounting, 6th edition

Student's Guide to Accounting & Financial Reporting Standards, 9th Edition, 2003

Taxation: Finance Act 2012, 18th UK edition

Zurich Tax Handbook, 2012-13