Accounting Simplified

By Hilary Fortes
January 2011
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273734468
645 Pages
$77.50 Paper Original

Accounting Simplified is a step-by-step introduction to financial accounting written in plain simple language. Taking students from the very basics to the elementary principles of management accounting, the text emphasises the real-world application of accounting methods and the importance of practising skills in order to reinforce learning. Drawing on years of experience as a university lecturer marking student exam papers, the author uses plenty of worked examples to set out the details of each topic before providing self-test questions for quick revision.


1: Introduction to accounting
2: Double entry
3: Ledger accounts
4: Cash book
5: Bank reconciliation
6: Petty cash book
7: Value added tax
8: Purchases and returns day books
9: Sales and returns day books
10: Control accounts
11: Accruals and prepayments
12: Depreciation
13: Bad debts
14: The journal
15: Trial balance
16: Errors and suspense accounts
17: Revision
18: The valuation of stock
19: Trading account
20: Profit and loss account
21: Manufacturing account
22: Balance sheet
23: Revision
24: Incomplete records
26: Partnerships
27: Non-profit making organisations
28: Limited liability companies
29: Company financial reports
30: Revision
31: Cash flow statements
32: Analysis of financial statements – an introduction
33: Introduction to cost accounting
34: Break-even analysis
35: Budgeting
36: Standard costing
37: Revision
38: Investment appraisal
39: Revision
40: Computerised accounting
41: International accounting – the future

Appendix 1: Self-test answers
Appendix 2: Present value table


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