Advanced Management Accounting

By: Tom Groot & Frank Smith
February 2013
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273730187
472 Pages
$125.00 Paper Original


This innovative new textbook firmly roots management accounting in management,placing the emphasis on the management accountant as a key member of the management team and the strategic business decision making process. Unique case studies and examples of worldwide practices illustrate how concepts and techniques are applied in real-world business situations.

It explores how management accounting techniques are adapted and modified to support specific industries from energy to media sectors and covers topical issues such as:

  • Environmental accounting
  • Environmental auditing and ISO14001/EMAS
  • The balanced scorecard
  • Kaizen costing
  • Target costing
  • Social responsibility


  • Integrates the most up-to-date and relevant research with a broad approach to management accounting.
  • Presents compelling examples of ‘real’ organisations, exploring the interactions of management accounting in practice.
  • Extends knowledge of management accounting concepts and techniques to how they can be used for strategic decision making and management control.
  • Uses Excel to develop and apply solutions methods.
  • Examines how management accounting techniques are adapted and modified to support specific industries from energy to media sectors.
  • Covers topical issues such as activity-based budgeting, the balanced scorecard, target costing, capacity planning, quality management, Six Sigma and performance measurement.
  • Fully compliant with developments within the professional bodies such as CIMA and ACCA.
  • Offers end-of chapter exercises to extend your critical thinking and applications of key concepts.
  • Provides short case studies, so you can practise manipulating and analysing data.


Section I: Management Accounting

Chapter 1: The Strategic Role of Management Accounting

Chapter 2: Planning and Decision-Making Under Risk

Chapter 3: Management Control

Chapter 4: Cost Information for Decision-Making and Control

Section 2: Profitability Analysis

Chapter 5: Budgeting and Beyond

Chapter 6: Financial Modelling

Chapter 7: Cost Analysis and Estimation

Chapter 8: Investment Analysis

Section 3: Management Control Systems

Chapter 9: Management and Operational Performance

Chapter 10: Transfer Pricing in Decentralized Organizations

Chapter 11: Integrated Financial and Non-Financial Measures

Chapter 12: Inter-organizational Control