Corporate Financial Accounting
& Reporting, 2nd Ed.

By Tim Sutton
Pearson Education / Financial Times
January 2004
ISBN: 0-273-67620-2
738 Pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 9 "
$99.50 paper original

Corporate Financial Accounting and Reporting is a comprehensive accounting textbook directed at those using financial reports. Its aim is to help current and future managers gain a thorough understanding of companies' published reports and is unique in the fact that it covers all three years of a traditional financial accounting course. The text is divided into 3 parts: the first covers the foundations of accounting, the second part considers the components of financial statements in more depth and the third part explores how investors analyse financial statements.

Recognising the increasingly international nature of accounting, this book provides full coverage of international accounting standards with the European Union's Company Law Directives providing its legal framework Corporate Financial Accounting and Reporting is designed for international MBA programmes and specialist postgraduate programmes in international business/finance in Europe. It can also be used in international business programmes at the undergraduate level. top Features Comprehensive coverage: includes some topics which do not usually appear in introductory texts and explains others in more detail than is customary. Clarity: the book is suitable for a range of students from around the world and has been extensively class tested in Europe. International approach: covers the most common accounting practices in the financial statements of both European and non-European companies as well as relevant EU and IAS requirements.

1. Financial Accounting: An Overview
PART I: FOUNDATIONS 2. The Balance Sheet: a Financial Picture of the Firm 3. The Income Statement 4. Accounting Records: Structure and Terminology 5. Accrual Adjustments & Financial Statement Preparation 6. The Annual Report and Accounts

PART II: THE HOUSE OF ACCOUNTING 7. Key Conceptual Issues in Financial Accounting 8. Fixed Assets, Tangible and Intangible Section 1. Core Issues Section 2. Specialised Topics Section 3. Fixed Assets and Financial Statement Analysis 9. Inventories 10. Recognition of Revenue and Valuation of Receivables Section 1. Core Issues Section 2. Specialised Topics Section 3. Revenues, Receivables, & Financial Statement Analysis 11. Liabilities, On and Off Balance Sheet Section 1. General Issues Section 2. Long-Term Debt Section 3. Leasing Section 4. Liabilities and Financial Statement Analysis 12. Shareholders' Equity Section 1. Core Issues Section 2. Specialised Topics Section 3. Shareholders' Equity & Financial Statement Analysis 13. Financial Investments 14. Equity Accounting and Consolidations Section 1. Core Issues Section 2. Specialised Topics Section 3. Consolidated Accounts & Financial Statement Analysis 15. Transactions and Operations in Foreign Currencies 16. Employment Costs Section 1. General Issues Section 2. Specialised Topics Section 3. Employment Costs and Financial Analysis 17. Accounting for Corporate Income Taxes Section 1. Core Issues Section 2. Deferred Tax Accounting: Extensions Section 3. Corporate Income Taxes and Financial Analysis

PART III: PERSPECTIVES 18. The Cash Flow Statement Revisited Section 1. Cash Flow Analysis: Benefits to Investors Section 2. Specialised Topics 19. Financial Statement Analysis: Basic Framework 20. Financial Statement Analysis: Extensions Section 1. Problem Areas in Financial Statement Analysis Section 2. Accounting Manipulation and its detection

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