Cost Accounting
Principles & Practice

By Alan Upchurch
August 2002
Financial Times / Pearson
ISBN: 0-273-64365-7
711 pages, Illustrated, 7 ½ x 9 3/4"
$99.50 Paper Original

This new book adopts a fresh, modern approach to the principles and practice of Cost Accounting, integrating both the how and why of the subject. Rigorous and clear in its presentation of the techniques involved in cost accounting, this book goes one step further and demonstrates to students how their technical knowledge can be applied across a whole range of organizations.

This book includes many features which make the study of this subject both accessible and enjoyable, and all the more relevant to today's business environment. This text provides a clear exposition of the principles and technical procedures of cost accounting. It emphasizes the role of cost accounting within a multi disciplinary approach to management and enhances the appreciation of the wide applicability of the principles and techniques of each topic. top Features Rigorous coverage of the technical aspects of cost accounting giving the student an in depth understanding of this topic. Uses short in-text activities giving the student the opportunity to practice, consolidate or evaluate topics as they are covered. Single scenarios developed for illustrative purposes during the course of each chapter avoiding the distraction of having to absorb new background material. Detailed chapter objectives and summaries allowing quick revision and reference. Glossary of technical terms allowing the book to be read in selected chapters as well as a unit. Extracts from the press and technical journals underscoring the practical relevance of topics under discussion. Chapter end questions split up into ‘Self test’, ‘Questions with answers’ and ‘Questions without answers’ giving invaluable study aid and include examination questions from a range of professional bodies (ACCA, CIMA, AAT and CIPFA)

1. Introduction 2. Cost Classification 3. Cost Estimation 4. Costing Labour 5. Costing Materials 6. Costing Overheads: “Traditional Methodology” 7. Costing Overheads: ABC 8. Cost Bookkeeping 9. Specific Order Costing 10. Process Costing 11. Joint Product Costing 12. Service Costing 13. Absorption Costing and Marginal Costing 14. Cost/Volume/Profit Analysis 15. Relevant Costs and Benefits for Decision Making 16. Capital Investment Decisions 17. Budgets I 18. Budgets II 19. Financial Control 20. Analysis of Variances 21. Standard Cost Systems Glossary Appendix A. Solutions to Chapter end questions Appendix B. Present Value Tables

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