Essential Financial Accounting For Managers

By Leslie Chadwick
ISBN: 0-273-64659-1
April 2001
Financial Times (Division of Pearson Education)
144 Pages
$75.00Paper Original

For short courses in Accounting and Finance designed for practising managers and executives, and for students on non-accounting courses. It focuses on the core of the subject to give the essentials of accounting, such as: the terminology; understanding how the figures are arrived at; the important concepts, principles and techniques; interpreting and using the information generated; and knowing about the limitations of the information produced. It helps students understand what a balance sheet is; shows how to understand a profit and loss account; explains why a set of accounts looks as it does (why profits have gone up, and cash and bank balances have gone down, etc); and shows students how to use financial information

Excellent introduction to financial accounting for managers and future managers Concise, accessible and jargon free approach Each chapter begins with a set of objectives Each chapter ends with a summary of the essence of the subject just discussed Self-assessment activities are provided with suggested answers and commentary. Many examples throughout Uses a wide variety of techniques to put across its message Very user friendly approach

Preface 1. An introduction to financial accounting 2. The concepts of financial accounting 3. The recording system 4. The profit and loss account 5. The balance sheet 6. Cash flow statements 7. Assessing the financial performance 8. The published accounts of companies Index

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