Financial Times Guide to Using &
Interpreting Company Accounts,
3rd Edition

By Wendy McKenzie
Pearson Education / Financial Times
December 2003
ISBN: 0-273-66312-7
416 Pages, Illustrated, 7 ¼" x 9 ¼"
$57.50 paper original

The FT Guide to Using and Interpreting Company Accounts answers these questions: What information will I find in the accounts? What financial statements tell you about the business, how they are prepared & how they differ internationally. How do I analyse the accounts? Work through a full set of published accounts; learn how to approach and structure the analysis, which ratios to use, what the ratios do and do not tell you. How can I use my analysis? How to analyse suppliers accounts, customers accounts, competitors accounts & identify the acquisition potential of a company.

This book takes the subject of accounts into the advanced area of company analysis for those people who need more in-depth knowledge of a company's accounts before they make any major decisions regarding their involvement with that company. Fully updated, it provides an understanding of the newest valuation analysis techniques, modern international accounting standards and the huge changes in creative accounting. This book is essential reading for all non-financial managers who need to understand accounts and want to make more informed financial decisions.

PART 1 WHAT INFORMATION WILL I FIND IN THE ACCOUNTS? 1 An introduction to the accounts 2 The profit and loss account 3 The balance sheet 4 The cash flow statement 5 The statement of total recognised gains and losses 6 The note of historical cost profits and losses 7 Other information found in the accounts 8 Accounts in other countries
PART 2 HOW DO I ANALYSE THE ACCOUNTS? 9 How do I analyse the accounts? 10 Solvency 11 Profitability 12 Cash management 13 The investor’s perspective 14 Johnson Matthey
PART 3 HOW CAN I USE MY ANALYSIS? 15 How can I use my analysis? 16 Suppliers’ accounts 17 Customers’ accounts 18 Competitors’ accounts 19 Identifying a company’s acquisition potential 20 The availability of accounts Index

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