Financial Accounting
An International Approach

By Jagdish Kothari & Elisabetta Barone
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
June 2006
ISBN: 0273693190
431 Pages, Illustrated, 7 ½” x 9 ¾”
$87.50 Paper Original

The world of financial accounting is changing rapidly, with all listed companies in the EU now required to publish their financial statements according to IFRS. Financial Accounting: An International Approach is written to reflect the latest financial accounting developments and their implications, and is the ideal text for non-specialist students. Aimed at those students who wish to pursue careers as managers in business or similar organizations, the book offers an innovative, practical and interactive approach to the subject.

Focusing on the use of financial information rather than simply presenting technical methodology, and bearing the non-specialist in mind, the authors explain the ground rules of book-keeping, but never to the detriment of essential underlying concepts. The book is suitable for introductory level courses in Financial Accounting for a general degree in Business/Management and Economics.

Part I: The Framework of Financial Reporting
1: Introduction to Financial Accounting
2: Key Accounting Concepts

Part II: Financial position and financial performance
3: Balance sheet: an overall view
4: Income statement: an overall view
5: Revenue and trade receivables
6: Inventory and Cost of Sales
7: Tangible and intangible assets
8: Liabilities
9: Owners’ Equity

Part III: Preparation of financial statements
10: How to record transactions and prepare financial reports for a single enterprise
11: Preparation of financial reports for a group of enterprises
12: Measuring and reporting cash flows

Part IV: Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements
13: Trends and common-size statements
14: Corporate liquidity and solvency
15: Operating performance
16: Determinants of corporate value

Part V: Current Developments in corporate governance
17: Corporate reporting and corporate governance
18: Public trust in corporate reporting


• Includes extracts from the published company reports of leading organizations such as Puma, Adidas, Coloplast, Novo Nordisk, Unilever, Austrian Airlines, Deutsche Post, Kerry Group and Henkel, which comply with IFRS, allowing students to learn theories and concepts through real business situations.
• Presents and discusses contemporary examples of poor and/or fraudulent accounting, giving the reader an important insight into the role of reliable financial information in a market economy in which companies are becoming more global every day.
• Particular attention has been paid to the writing style so that it is suitable for students who have English as their second language.
• Introduces and illustrates corporate governance issues in a practical manner, placing this topical subject in the context of real-world situations.
• Supported by an extensive supplements package including a companion website with resources for: students - multiple choice questions/fill-in-the-blanks, weblinks, examples of accounts, extra workshop exercises, extra exam-type questions
lecturers -IM with answers to questions in the book, PowerPoint slides, extra multiple choice quizzes, extra exam questions and answers.

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