Financial Accounting for Non-specialists, 3rd Edition

By Peter Atrill & Eddie McLaney
May 2002
Financial Times / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-273-65587-6
414 pages, illustrated
$76.50 paper original

Financial Accounting for Non-specialists follows in the vein of other texts in the Atrill and McLaney series: presenting the key concepts of financial accounting without going into too much unnecessary technical detail. The text focuses on using financial information, rather than the preparation of accounts and as such, avoids the use of double-entry bookkeeping throughout the text, summarising the main principles in an appendix at the end of the book. Features The third edition has been thoroughly updated throughout and retains the following features: Open-learning approach with numerous activities, worked examples and questions interspersed throughout the text providing the student with an unrivalled source of self study. Practical, non-technical content with doubleentry bookkeeping included as an appendix only

Guided tour, Acknowledgements 1. Introduction to accounting 2. Measuring and reporting financial position 3. Measuring and reporting financial performance 4. Accounting for limited companies 5. Measuring and reporting cash flows 6. Analysing the financial statements - part 1 7. Analysing the financial statements - part 2 8. Reporting the financial results of groups of companies 9. Expanding the annual financial report Appendix Recording financial transactions.

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