Financial Accounting, 2nd edition
An Introduction

By Augustine Benedict & Barry Elliott
January 2011
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273737650
748 Pages
$112.50 Paper Original

Financial Accounting: An introduction is an essential companion for students on introductory financial accounting modules within undergraduate accounting and business degrees. The authors’ self-directed learning approach provides extensive opportunities for those new to the subject to test their learning, try out questions from the main exam bodies and build-up their ability to deal with challenging problems.

Section A :The financial accounting system
1: The need for accounting
2: Accounting for cash
3: The double entry accounting system
4: Statement of financial position and Statement of income
5: Accounting for credit transactions
6: Inventories, profit margin and gross profit ratio
7: Accruals, pre-payments, depreciation and bad debts
8: Disposal, revaluation and impairment of non-current assets

Section B : Financial Statements of limited companies, sole traders, groups and partnerships
9: Accounting for limited companies
10: Incomplete records
11: Statements of cash flows
12: Accounting ratios and interpretation of financial statements
13: Consolidation of financial statements
14: Accounting for partnerships

Section C : Accounting for Current assets and liabilities#
15: Bank account and bank reconciliation
16: The Journal and correction of errors
17: Control accounts
18: Accounting for sales tax (VAT) and payroll

Section D : The Conceptual Framework
19: Conceptual framework of accounting
20: Revenue recognition

Section E : Accounting for Non-current assets, Liabilities and Provisions
21: Accounting for tangible non-current assets
22: Accounting for intangible non-current assets and government grant
23: Liabilities, Provisions. Contingencies and Events after the Reporting Date

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