Financial Accounting, 5th edition
An Introduction

By Pauline Weetman
Pearson Education
September 2010
ISBN: 9780273718406
465 Pages, Illustrated
$117.50 Paper original

Part 1: A conceptual framework: setting the scene

Chapter 1: Who need accounting?
Chapter 2: A system approach to financial reporting: the accounting equation
Chapter 3: Financial statements from the accounting equation
Chapter 4: Ensuring the quality of financial statements

Part 2: Reporting the transactions of a business

Chapter 5: Accounting information for service businesses
Chapter 6: Accounting information for trading businesses

Part 3: Recognition in financial statements

Chapter 7: Published financial statements
Chapter 8: Non-current (fixed) assets
Chapter 9: Current assets
Chapter 10: Current Liabilities
Chapter 11: Provisions and non-current (long-term) liabilities
Chapter 12: Ownership interest

Part 4: Analysis and Issues in Reporting

Chapter 13: Ratio Analysis
Chapter 14: Reporting corporate performance
Chapter 15: Reporting cash flows

Glossary of financial accounting terms


1: Information extracted from annual report of Safe and Sure plc, used throughout Financial Accounting
2: Solutions to numerical and technical questions in Financial Accounting

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