Financial & Management Accounting, 5th edition
An Introduction

By Pauline Weetman
Pearson Education
September 2010
ISBN: 9780273718413
760 Pages, Illustrated
$99.50 Paper original

Part 1 A conceptual framework: setting the scene

Chapter 1: Who needs accounting?
Chapter 2: A systematic approach to financial reporting: the accounting equation
Chapter 3: Financial statements from the accounting equation
Chapter 4: Ensuring the quality of financial statements

Part 2 Reporting the transactions of a business

Chapter 5: Accounting information for service businesses
Chapter 6: Accounting information for trading businesses

Part 3 Recognition in financial statements

Chapter 7: Published financial statements
Chapter 8: Non-current (fixed) assets
Chapter 9: Current assets
Chapter 10: Current liabilities
Chapter 11: Provisions and non-current (long-term) liabilities
Chapter 12: Ownership interest

Part 4 Analysis and issues in reporting

Chapter 13: Ratio analysis
Chapter 14: Reporting corporate performance
Chapter 15: Reporting cash flows


Part 5 Setting the scene and defining the basic tools of management accounting

Chapter 16: Functions of management accounting
Chapter 17:Classification of costs
Chapter 18: Product costs: materials, labour and overheads

Part 6 Job costs and stock valuation

Chapter 19: Job costing

Part 7 Decision making

Chapter 20: Breakeven analysis and short-term decision making
Chapter 21: Preparing a budget
Chapter 22: Standard costs
Chapter 23: Performance evaluation and feedback reporting

Part 9 Capital investment appraisal and business strategy

Chapter 24: Capital investment appraisal
Chapter 25: Business strategy and management accounting


I Information extracted from annual report of Safe and Sure Group plc, used throughout Financial Accounting
II Solutions to numerical and technical questions in Financial Accounting
III Solutions to numerical and technical questions in Management Accounting Index

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