Introduction to Accounting Information Systems

By Tony Boczko
May 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273739388
462 Pages, Illustrated
$112.50 paper original

Introduction to Accounting Information Systems offers an introductory insight into the nature, role and context of accounting information systems. Students will gain an understanding of how companies can integrate technologies into their AIS and how this integration can assist in the management and control of organisational resources and the maximisation of shareholder wealth.


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Part 1 A contextual framework

Chapter 1 Information systems in accounting and finance - an overview
Chapter 2 Systems thinking
Chapter 3 Control - management by design

Part 2 Information systems in accounting and finance 
Chapter 4 Accounting information systems and the information age
Chapter 5 Networking - creating connections
Chapter 6 Information management and data processing
Chapter 7 Accounting information systems - a cyclical perspective
Chapter 8 Information technology and the virtual world

Part 3 Risk, security, surveillance and control

Chapter 9 Risk exposure - fraud, cyber terrorism and computer crime
Chapter 10 Internal control and accounting information systems security
Chapter 11 Accounting information systems audit
Chapter 12 Accounting information systems development


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