Management Accounting:
An Introduction, 3rd edition

By Pauline Wheetman
Financial Times / Pearson Education
December 2002
ISBN: 0-273-65778-X
408 Pages, Illustrated
$87.50 paper original

The third edition of this revised and fully updated text continues to provide students with a clear and well-structured introduction to management accounting within a sound framework of basic principles. It covers the management accounting section of the author's Financial and Management Accounting, third edition, retaining the same page numbering, commencing at Part 6, Chapter 16, for those students not requiring Volume I on financial accounting. The new edition retains all of the classic features that have contributed to the book’s success: clarity of expression, the focus on the accounting equation, student activities and real-life commentaries running through each chapter, and case studies for group discussion that encourage students to think about everyday experience of cost-related issues. Simulation of first-hand commentary by a management accounting consultant brings issues to life for students, providing a real-life perspective on accounting. With its wealth of examples, questions and problems, the emphasis throughout the text is on allowing students to practise the application of theory.

Inclusion of activity-based costing, strategic management accounting, the balanced scorecard and benchmarking. A new chapter on management accounting aspects of business strategy, including e-business and e-commerce. The approach to teaching and learning focuses on subject-specific knowledge outcomes and generic skills outcomes, with end-of-chapter self-evaluation. Questions are graded to test student understanding of chapter content, as well as skills in straightforward application of knowledge, and skills of problem solving and evaluation.

Preface to the third edition MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING Part 6 - Setting the scene and defining the basic tools of management accounting 16. Functions of management accounting 17. Classification of costs 18. Product costs: materials, labour and overheads Part 7 - Product costs and stock valuation 19. Job costing 20. Process costing Part 8 - Decision making 21. Breakeven analysis and short-term decision making Part 9 - Planning and control 22. Preparing a budget 23. Standard costs 24. Performance evaluation and feedback reporting Part 10 - Capital budgeting and business strategy 25. Capital budgeting 26. Business strategy and management accounting Glossary of management accounting terms

I. Information extracted from annual report of Safe and Sure plc, used throughout Financial Accounting
II. Solutions to numerical and technical questions in Financial Accounting
III. Solutions to numerical and technical questions in Management Accounting

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