Management Accounting, 2nd edition

By Pauline Weetman
Pearson Education
September 2010
ISBN: 9780273718451
588 Pages, Illustrated
$110.00 Paper original

Part 1 Defining, reporting and managing costs
1 What is management accounting?
2. Classification of costs
3 Materials and labour costs
4 Overhead costs
5 Absorption costing and marginal costing
6 Job costing
7 Recording transactions in a job costing system
8 Process costing
Part 2 Decision making
9 Short-term decision making
10 Relevant costs, pricing, and decisions under uncertainty
11 Capital investment appraisal
12 Capital budgeting applications
Part 3 Performance measurement and control
13 Preparing a budget
14 Control through budgeting
15 Standard costs
16 Performance evaluation and feedback reporting
17 Divisional performance
Part 4 Financial management and strategic planning
18 Financial management: working capital and business plans
19 Business strategy and management accounting
Appendix I: Quick check list: A glossary of management accounting terms
Appendix II:Solutions to numerical and technical questions in Management Accounting

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