Strategic Accountant

By M. Partridge & Dr. L. Perren
Dec. 1997
ISBN: 0-273-63263-9
$103.50 Paper Original

Business change means accountants will have to adapt and learn new skills. Reports concerned with the internal organisation based on the past are no longer enough. You need to apply your skills to the business environment and be part of the strategic planning process. The Strategic Accountant will give you the knowledge you need to make the transition. Intelligent, stimulating and concisely written. Adapt your skills and remain in demand.

Acknowledgements About the authors What is the strategic accountant? What is strategic thinking? The role of the strategic accountant in macro-environmental analysis Politico-legal factors Economic factors Socio-cultural factors Technological factors Other factors The impact of PEST factors The role of the strategic accountant in industry analysis Competitors Suppliers Buyers Collaborators The impact of the industry environment Environmental factors can be altered The role of the strategic accountant in internal analysis The value chain Strategic cost analysis Competencies and capabilities The role of the strategic accountant in strategy development Option generation Target costing Option selection The role of the strategic accountant in realising the strategy Planning Implementation Control The future of the strategic accountant Appendices Strategic task self-assessment Glossary of terms References Data sources for external and industry analysis

The authors both lecture to undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Brighton’s Business School. They also share extensive experience of devising and delivering management development programmes for practicing managers and have done sin in Ireland and France as well as the UK. Mike Partridge leads the management accounting subject group at the university and is involved with the committee structure of his professional body (CIMA). Lew Perren is the deputy head of the Centre for Management Development and is currently researching the development of small businesses. Both authors are active management consultants.


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