Workbook of Accounting Standards
4th Edition

By Alan Sangster
ISBN: 0-273-63024-5
387 p.
$63.50 Paper

The new edition of this established text has been brought up-to-date with the latest standards issued by the ASB, including the revised cashflow statement FRS 1 and FRS 8 Related Party Disclosures. It covers the entire range of standards currently in force in the UK. It is essentially a tutorial workbook and self-learning guide that is designed to be used alongside a textbook (such as Advanced Financial Accounting by Lewis and Pendrill) and the standards themselves. A summary of the accounting treatment of each standard is given, followed by a discussion of interpretation problems and tricky `grey areas'.

Flowcharts provide helpful algorithms for applying the standards Over 600 short questions and some longer problem-type questions are Provided to test knowledge Accompanied by a Lecturer's Guide

Preface Acknowledgements How to use this book 1. Materiality 2. FRS 3: Reporting Financial Performance 3. SSAP 9: Stocks and Long Term Contracts 4. SSAP 12: Accounting for Depreciation 5. SSAP 13: Accounting for Research and Development 6. SSAP 17: Accounting for Post Balance Sheet Events 7. SSAP 18: Accounting for Contingencies 8. SSAP 19: Accounting for Investment Properties 9. SSAP 20: Foreign Currency Translation 10. SSAP 21: Accounting for Leases and Hire Purchase Contracts 11. SSAP 24: Accounting for Pension Costs 12. Presentation Standards 13. Taxation and Grants 14. Groups 15. Which Standard?

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