Zurich Tax Handbook for the UK

By Anthony Foreman & Gerald Mowles
Pearson Education
December 2004
ISBN: 0273694448
720 Pages, 5 " x 8 "
$97.50 Paper Original

Taxation law and registration by its very nature is complex and difficult to understand. Many sources of information simply list legislation in complicated and unfriendly language. But only one reliable tax guide provides you with updated information in a language you can understand.

This guide will give you comprehensive coverage of the complete range of UK taxation. An invaluable reference tool, this guide's 700 pages are divided into 34 key chapters, each one offering you unrivaled detail, illustrated examples, checklists and tax saving tips. Essential reading for professional and private individuals alike, this guide has been fully revised and updated by the expert authors. Their specialist analysis provides you with an insight into the changes implemented by the Finance Act 2004, and what the changes actually mean.

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