Business Titles from Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.


Art of Decisions: How to Manage in an Uncertain World
Beat Your Goals: The Definitive Guide to Personal Success
By David Molden & Denise Parker, December 2002

Beermat Entrepreneur: Turn your good idea into a great business, 2002

Brilliant Answers to Tough Interview Questions, 4th edition, 2011

Brilliant CV, 4th edition, 2011

Brilliant Future: Work Out What You Want & Plan How to Get There, 2002

Brilliant Interview, 3rd edition, 2011

Brilliant Negotiations, 2nd edition, 2011

Brilliant NLP, 3rd edition, 2015

Brilliant Productivity, 2015

Brilliant Selection Test Results: Tests You Might Have to Sit, & How to Prepare for Them
By Susan Hodgson, June 2003

Business Student's Handbook, 4th edition
September 2007
Coach Yourself, 2nd Edition: Make Real Changes in Your Life, 2004
Definitive Business Plan, Revised 2nd edition, 2007
Directory of Vocational & Further Education

Emotional Resilience: Know What it Takes to be
Agile, Adaptable & Perform at Your Best
, 2015

Empowering Asian Mindsets through Coaching

Entrepreneur's Book of Checklists, 2nd edition
September 2007
Fast Track Formula: How to Accelerate Your Career, 2004
Financial Times Guide to Business Start Up 2008
By Sara Williams, January 2008
From Acorns: How to Build a Brilliant Business, 2nd edition
September 2007
Get What You Want at Work: Complete Personal Skills Guide for Career Advantage, 2002
How to Be a Complete & Utter Failure--Live [Audio CD], 2003
How to be an Entrepreneur, 2006
How to Be Brilliant: Change Your Ways in 90 Days!, 2nd Edition
How to Do a Great Job… & Go Home on Time, 2005

How to Get the Best Graduate Job: Insider Strategies for Success in the Graduate Job Market
By David Williams, et al., February 2006

How to Move Minds & Influence People: A Remarkable Way of Engaging & Persuading Others
By Iain Carruthers, December 2003

How to Write a Brilliant CV, 5th edition. What Employers
Want to See & How to Write It
, 2015

I Don't Want Anymore Cheese: I Just Want Out of the Trap, 2004

Interview Question & Answer Book, 2012

Just the Job!, 2013

Key MBA Models: The 60+ Models Every Manager & Business Student Needs to Know, 2015

Killer CVs & Hidden Approaches, 3rd edition, 2007

Living Strategy, 2015

London Jobhunter's Guide: 2003-2004

Managing Yourself: Coach Yourself to Optimum Emotional Intelligence, 2002
MBA Handbook, 7th edition, 2012
Official MBA Handbook 2005/2006

One Page CV, 2014

Personal Networking: How to Make Your Connections Count
By Mick Cope, June 2003

Pitch Yourself, 2nd Edition: The Most Effective CV You’ll Ever Write. The Best Interview You’ll Ever Give. Secure the Job You Really Want.
Bill Faust & Michael Faust, June 2006

Power at Work: the Art of Making Things Happen
Real Influencing: How to Win Hearts & Minds to Achieve Goals
By J.K. Smart, December 2003

Real Problem Solving: How to Unblock Thinking & Make Obstacles Disappear
By J.K. Smart, December 2003

Rules to Break, 2nd edition, 2015

Should I Stay or Should I Go?: How to Make That Crucial Job Move Decision
By Jim Bright, December 2003

Simply Brilliant, 2nd Edition: The Bestselling Guide to Getting Things Done, 2004
Smarter Consulting: How to Start Up & Succeed as an Independent Consultant
Start Your Business Week by Week:
How to Plan & Launch Your Successful Business - One Step at a Time, 2005

Success: The Need to Succeed is in your Genes, The Way to Succeed is in this Book
Successful Candidate: How to Be the Person They Want to Hire
By Ros Jay, February 2004

Which MBA? 2008 (19th edition)
Your Own Interview: Fast Thinking Series
Say the Right Things, Be Impressive, Get that Job, 2001