Brilliant Interview, 2nd edition

By Ros Jay
Financial Times / Pearson Education Limited
July 2005
ISBN: 0273703560
176 Pages, Illustrated
$32.50 paper original

What do interviewers really want from a candidate? How do they decide whether to hire you or someone else? What can you do to make it you? Who better to advise interviewees than interviewers? This book tells you what they want and teaches you how to deliver. Like Brilliant CV, this book is highly practical and interactive.

Find out what works in the real world and put it into practice through text features such as tips from the experts, shining examples, horror stories, questions and quizzes to get you thinking. It is clear enough for new interviewees, and has enough detail and thought-provoking ideas to revamp the technique of those more practiced at job interviews.

Read this book and arm yourself with the advantage of knowing what interviewers are looking for and how supply it. Learn to show yourself in the best possible light and maximize your chances of getting the job.

Author Ros Jay runs a small business and is also the author of a number of bestselling careers and business books. Her bestselling books include: Fast Thinking Managers Manual (editor and major contributor), Brilliant Interview, Successful Candidate, How to Build A Great Team and White Ladder Diaries.

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