Brilliant Future
Work Out What You Want & Plan How to Get There

By Chris Sangster
Financial Times / Pearson Education
December 2002
ISBN: 0-273-65601-5
229 Pages, Illustrated, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
$32.50 paper original

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Welcome to a new concept: the personal career/life planner. From motivating yourself to getting where you want to be, this book will help you work smarter, get focused and move forward.

Most people plan and take charge of their finances but few do the same with their career and life. They tend to drift along from job to job or stay in the same place without thinking through what really matters. Looking after your own personal development can help youwork out if you are in the place you want to be or if you want to change direction. And before you start you need to assess the situation.

Taking charge of your own development also means getting help. You can still get your employer to support you - emotionally and financially. But you have to know how to get them onside and persuade them that what you want is best for them too. There's also help available outside your work that you can use to your advantage.

Plan your strategy and push the "go" button.

part 1 get personal 1. Here's lookin' at you 2. Where am I now? 3. Strengths and shortfalls 4. Where do I want to go? part 2 view your options 5. Under the microscope 6. How do I advance? 7. Recording my progress part 3 broaden your scope 8. Applying the brain - the way ahead 9. Keeping things moving forwards part 4 go for it 10. Planning for that brilliant future 11. Finding my work/life balance point 12. Holistic horizons appendix The ID Plan Route maps to a brilliant future

Author Chris Sangster has been involved in training and development for over thirty years. From his broad range of experience, he now specialises in promoting individual and team development activities - and in working with clients to establish personal development strategies. He is also the author of Planning and Organising Your Personal and Professional Development (Gower Publishing) and has written for a range of professional journals.

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