Brilliant Answers to Tough Interview Questions
Smart Answers to Whatever they Can Throw at You

By Susan Hodgson
Pearson Education Limited / Prentice Hall
December 2002
ISBN: 0-273-65669-4
197 Pages, 6 1/4" x 9 1/4"
$28.50 paper original

Swot up and be prepared for anything. Answer whatever an interviewer can throw at you. Stay calm and in control. Know your strengths and how to play to them to get the job you want.

It's that pre-interview moment: what will they ask you that you haven't thought of? What can you say when they ask for your questions? What should you say when they ask what your weaknesses are? Should you be more laid back or more formal? How do youimpress with a first impression and then put a brilliant shine on everything you say? Brilliant Answers To Tough Interview Questions, like the other Brilliant books, is written by an expert. It will show you not only anything and everything you might be asked in an interview and how to answer, but will also get you thinking through short sharp exercises and features so that you don't come out with the same old answers.

Learn how to answer the questions to suit you - to show your strengths and to show how your weaknesses are really strengths too.

People buy books on this subject that are old and dull because they need them
We can do it better and brighter. We can do it brilliantly
People have to move jobs more frequently these days - they need to get a good first step and they need to keep going
Great Answers is bought for the questions and answers - we've cut the rest to provide what people really want People are scared of interviews, of interviewers and of scuppering their own chances in an interview with nerves. This book will provide all the confidence anyone needs
Clever and sharp and above all practical, useful and useable

1. Look before you leap what to do before the interview and how to survive on the day
2. More than an educated guess how to show employers what your education really taught you
3. All work making your employment history work for you
4. Your kind of company what you need to know and how to let them know you know
5. The personal touch all about your personality, your skills and your interests
6. Choice, change and chance your career decisions - what will interviewers want to know and why?
7. Onwards and upwards why are you the right person for this job, your next job and wherever else you want to be? 8. Your Achilles' heel dealing with your weak spots, difficult questions, embarrassing pauses and horrible interviews 9. A level playing field equal opportunities, positive thinking and the selection process
10. Turning the tables your questions answered - you in control
11. Summing up learning from every interview, planning for your next encounter and dealing with unusual interviews Index of Questions

Author Susan Hogdson was head of the Careers Service at South Bank University in London. There she taught students job-hunting skills and trained them in interview techniques. She worked with a wide range of employers to ensure that she knew exactly what they were looking for. She has worked with school leavers, university students and proferssional people seeking a change of career. Susan Hodgson has written training and careers information material for trainers and trainees. She currently works as a careers consultant and freelance writer and is based in Dorset.

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