Business Student's Handbook
Skills for Study & Employment
4th edition

By Sheila Cameron
October 2007
Pearson Education
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780132349246
464 Pages, Illustrated
$95.00 paper original

The Business Student’s Handbook integrates study skills, interpersonal skills and work skills to help students gain better marks in their study and to transfer those skills into assets in the workplace.

It covers the key issues for today’s students, such as critical thinking & analysis, reflective practice & logic and plagiarism to ensure they’re fully equipped prepared for success.


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Part 1        Learning: context, process and management

1        Learning, skills and employment 

2        Managing your studies

3        Learning and reflective practice


Part 2        Study skills

4        Critical reading and note taking

5        Basic numbers

6        Written communication

7        Using information and communication technologies

8        Gaining great marks


Part 3        Working with others

9        Talking and listening

10      Team working and leadership

11      Presenting to others


Part 4        Conceptual skills

12      Complexity, cases and diagrams

13      Obtaining data and information

14      Making sense of data

15      Increasing your creativity


Part 5        Integrating your skills

16      Managing projects

17      Into employment





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