Definitive Business Plan, Revised
The Fast-Track to Intelligent Business
Planning for Executives & Entrepreneurs
2nd edition

By Richard Stutley
March 2007
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780273710967
312 Pages, Illustrated, 6 3/4 x 9 1/2"
$87.50 paper original    

Preparing and presenting an intelligent business plan is a challenge that both entrepreneur and senior executive alike face. Whether the goal is raising start-up finance for a new business or requesting venture funding from a corporate parent, a good business plan must deliver all the information decision-makers are really looking for.

The Definitive Business Plan ensures you do this. Accessible to the newcomer and detailed enough for the experienced planner, this guide explains how to tailor a plan for specific readerships and to meet specific objectives.

If you want people to part with their cash, you need a business plan that has substance. In this highly regarded book, Richard Stutely will help you make sure your plan is robust enough to start, run or revitalise any business enterprise.


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Introduction to the first edition

Introduction to the revised second edition

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1. What's it all about?

2. A winning presentation

3. Getting down to it

4. Know yourself

5. Know the world

6. The core of your plan

7. About these numbers

8. Getting to gross profit

9. Getting to net profit

10. Funding the business

11. Managing risks

12. Getting it approved

13. Now make it happen

Appendix:  Tetrylus Inc business plan



Businessman and author Richard Stutelyhas handled business plans on every scale. He was a manager with HM Treasury, a stockbroker, a general manager of an international bank and more recently an MD of a multinational technology company. He has written many other books including The Economist Guide to Economic Indicators (1861974671) and written extensively for publications such as The Economist, The Accountant  and The Banker.

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