Empowering Asian Mindsets through Coaching
Discover the Secrets of Empowerment Using the Nine Coaching Mindsets

By Wai K. Leong
April 2008
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
228 Pages, Illustrated, 5 3/8 x 8 1/2"
$32.50 paper original    

Coaching is a core skill for today's leaders who are serious in developing high performance teams. It requires a mindset shift. Empowering Asian Mindsets through COACHING unveils the NINE mindset transformation needed to help you make the breakthrough and become an effective corporate coach.

Contents include:

Part I: Coaching Mindsets, Blocks & Myths
1. What is the Asian Mindset
2. What is Coaching?
3. Challenges to Effective Coaching
4. Debunking Myths About Coaching
5. Roles of Manager as Coach
6. The Nine Mindset Shifts for Asian Managers

Part II: Coaching Tools
7. The Foundations of Coaching
8. The G.R.O.W Process
9. 100 Powerful Coaching Questions

Part III: Coaching Solutions
10. Frequently Encountered Coaching Situations
11. Empowerment Situations
12. Developing a High Performance Culture
13. A Coaching System
14. What is Next?

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