Financial Times Guide
to Business Start Up 2008

21st Edition

By Sara Williams
January 2008
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273714873
430 Pages, 6 x 9 1/4".
$67.50 Paper Original

For almost 20 years and under its previous title as the Lloyds TSB Small Business Guide, this book was the start up bible for over a million people. The ever valuable FT branding has catapulted this already successful book even higher in the charts to become an instant bestseller.

The FT Guide to Business Start Up remains the only small business guide to be updated annually, making it the most up-to-date resource and reference book for anybody serious about starting and growing their own business.

The fully updated edition of The FT Guide to Business Start Up takes you quickly and simply through finance, tax and law. This edition has been completely revised to reflect the latest tax and legal changes to coincide with the budget announcement. This essential guide also offers valuable advice on all of the crucial areas of running a business, and has been fully updated to reflect today's business environment, including a new section on e-marketing.

Starting a business can feel risky - but this annually updated guide covers all the bases and will ensure both you and your business are heading for success.


Update for the Financial Times Guide to Business Start Up
1. You and your ideas
2. Who will buy?
3. A spot of coaching
4. Your business identity
5. Are you sure?
6. The business plan
7. Timing the jump
8. Less than 100 per cent
9. Off the peg
10. Franchises
11. Beating the pirates
12. The right name
13. Getting the message across
14. Getting new customers
15. Building customer relationships
16. How to set a price
17. Choosing your workplace
18. Information technology - and other equipment
19. Professional back-up
20. Getting the right staff
21. Your rights and duties as an employer
22. Insurance
23. Forecasting
24. Raising the money
25. Staying afloat
26. Moving ahead|
27. Not waving but drowning
28. Keeping the record straight
29. Tax
30. VAT
31. Pensions and retirement


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