Moving Ahead in Your Career
Career Tactics for Ambitious Managers

By Willet Weeks
ISBN: 0-273-60703-0
190 p.
$42.50 Paper


This book shows you how to move upward "diagonally," progressing up the corporate ladder as far as possible through internal promotion and then, when the time is right, making positive changes to a more important post outside your organization. It is a home course in how to outdistance the competition-both inside your organization as well as outside. The book looks at how to sell yourself at maximum value to potential employers; how to read the real meaning behind the jargon of professional interviewers, including how to deal with bizarre questions; test questions to help you fix realistic goals in your job search; how to act in ways most likely to assure advancement within the enterprise commensurate with your real abilities; how to be a competitive office politician without growing claws; the dynamics of downward relations; and how to be an effective boss.

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