Seven Cs of Coaching
The Definitive Guide to Collaborative Coaching

By Mick Cope
Financial Times / Pearson Education Limited
December 2004
ISBN: 0273681109
252 Pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$62.50 Paper Original

Coaching is a booming industry and a much-desired skill for managers, but one thing is becoming clear - the traditional methods have shortfalls, and the old models are looking tired. The vast majority of coaching books are founded upon the GROW model, which is now exhausted its flaws are beginning to show. Too many coaching interventions fail because they assume the person being coached wants to be there, it is too short-term and it creates an over reliance on the coach.

Coaching that doesn't last isn't coaching and Coaching that doesn't end is management. It's time for a new way- a complete process of coaching that creates sustainable change. It's time for Collaborative Coaching. Mick Cope has developed the definitive guide to the process of coaching and reveals a new process that enables sustainable change. Collaborative Coaching will be invaluable as a guide for every manager and every professional coach.

Coaching is the delivery of value through sustainable change.
Coaching Principles
The importance of invitation, intent and independence.
Coaching dimensions
Coaching the head (what people think), the heart (what they feel) and the hand (what they do).
Conflict and cohesion.
The Collaborative Coaching Framework (The 7Cs of Coaching)
Client - understanding the person, understand the problem
Clarify - what is really going on
Create - find the best solution
Change - make the change happen
Confirm - measure the change
Continue - make sure it will last
Close - end the engagement, maintain the relationship
Putting it into action

Mick Cope has been a consultant for 15 years, working in the field of business transformation. He has managed both front and back office activities across in-house and commercial organizational development programmes, including systems integration, strategy, development, Investors in People, European Quality Award, Stephen Covey Seven Habits and a wide range of personal development programmes.

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