Brilliant Presentation Revised, 2nd edition

By Richard Hall
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
December 2009
ISBN: 9780273730675
182 Pages
$33.50 Paper original


Communication and presentation is crucial in all areas of business and a key factor in whether we succeed or not. Unless you can communicate with power and clarity you simply won’t progress.

If you’re part of the majority who do not feel comfortable presenting then worry no more, Brilliant Presentation is here to help. By following its Brilliant Five Point Check List, you will become brilliant in a world of increasingly competent presenters. Full of secrets and tips from the most accomplished and experienced presenters, this book takes you through every stage of your presentation, and integrates both content and personal presentation coaching. There's pragmatic advice for those in need of a desperate quick fix, and a presentation diary to mark your progress from a novice presenter to a brilliant one!

This second edition has been updated to follow the internal and external features now found in the latest Brilliant titles and includes a new chapter on informal presentations. Written in Hall’s highly engaging and compelling style, and supported by practical exercises, he ensures you have all the ‘know how’ you need to deliver a successful visual presentation. Why be an average presenter when you could be brilliant?


Richard Hall is Chairman of RH&A and Showcase Presentations Limited and has been recently Chair of many marketing services businesses including Flying Pictures and Kaizo. His background is in marketing and advertising. Now he specialises in executive mentoring, team building and strategic consulting. He has just finished his fourth book for Pearson, The Secrets of Success At Work. He says his mission is to turn good people into great people by inspiring them, by accentuating their positive assets and by making them feel excited by the world in which they live.

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