Business & Communication Systems
AQA GCSE Revision Guide

By Jonathan Sutherland & Diane Canwell
Hodder Education
February 2010
ISBN: 9781444107753
116 Pages
$22.50 Paper original

This revision guide has been written specifically for students following the AQA GCSE Business and Communications systems course. It has been designed to help students understand what they need to know topic-by-topic, and how to prepare effectively and successfully for their GCSE exams.

Key features for each topic include:
What the specification requires — what students need to know, and show their understanding of in the exam
In brief — a simple introduction to the topic to highlight key points
Revision notes — clear, concise and memorable notes to kick-start revision
Speak the language — key terms and phrases that students need to use correctly
In a nutshell — a succinct summary of the topic
Boost your grade — what students need to do, according to the Assessment Objectives, to achieve the best possible grades
Test yourself — a range of different exercises to test and improve understanding, including multiple-choice or short-answer questions, cloze exercises and matching pairs
Examination practice — exam-style section tests and practice exams
Controlled assessment — advice on how to prepare for and complete this new area of assessment

Answers to all the tests are provided at online at

  • Understand your specification
  • See how you can gain the most marks
  • Test your knowledge and prepare for success!


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