Effective Presentation, 2nd Ed.

How to Create & Deliver a Winning Presentation

By Ros Jay & Antony Jay
June 2004
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0273688030
144 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$47.50 Paper Original

Does standing up in front of a room of people to make a presentation fill you with terror? Do your words come out jumbled, or so quietly that your audience can't hear you and worse still, they're not listening? According to Microsoft, 30million PowerPoint presentations take place every day and as a manager, it's inevitable that presenting will be a regular and integral part of your job.

Yet, giving a successful presentation, wooing your audience and getting your point across in a succinct, confident and interesting way isn't always something that comes naturally to everyone. But, your performance as a speaker can often be used to make judgments on your overall ability to do your job. If you haven't been faced with making a presentation already in your career then it's inevitable that you will at some point. And if you have, wouldn't you love to know how you could improve on your performance next time?

This is a practical, step-by-step guide to help you improve on every aspect of making presentations. It includes tricks and tips from world-renowned experts and trainers in presentation and communication skills. This guide will help you to clarify what you want to say, what order to say it in and what words to say it with. There are great tips on visual aids, and the authors show you how to plan your presentation, how to stage it and project to your audience.

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