Going to a Meeting
Influence the Discussion, Make Your Point, Get the Right Result
Fast Thinking Series

By Ros Jay
Pearson Education Limited / Prentice Hall
September 2001
ISBN: 0-273-65652-X
90 Pages, 5" x 6 1/4"
$18.95 paper original


Because life's too short.... The Fast Thinking series cuts through the thought jungle, switches off the panic and provides simple, concrete things to say, do and remember so you'll have the shine that makes you look as though you've been polishing for weeks. Whether it's the first time you've had to carry out a task, or maybe you don't do it very often and need a refresher, the Fast Thinking titles bring you up to speed with minimal fuss. Each book contains - One hour urgent checklist - the vital tips when you are really up against it, One evening priority checklist - things you can do the night before, The vital guide - the essential notes for when you have a few days to think about it, but no longer....
For next time/if you buy extra time - the things you should also think about if you get half a chance or to remember for time round

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