Business Titles from Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.


Accounting & Finance for Non-Specialists, 5th edition, 2006
Acquisition Essentials: A Step-by-Step Guide to Smarter Deals, 2nd ed., 2014
Added Value in Financial Institutions, 2001

Advanced Financial Accounting, 7th edition, 2003

Advanced Financial Reporting, 2012

Assessing the Cost of Capital, 2002

Asset & Liability Management, 2nd edition, 2007

Be Your Own Financial Adviser

Banquet of Consequences: The Reality of Our Unusually Uncertain Economic Future, 2016

Business Finance, 2011

Business Finance: Theory & Practice, 10th edition, 2014

Corporate Finance, 6th edition, 2013

Corporate Finance & Investment, 8th edition.My Finance Lab, 2015

Corporate Finance: Decisions & Strategies, 8th ed, 2015

Corporate Financial Management, 4th edition
Corporate Transactions:
Practical ways to increase shareholder value, 2002

Creating the Successful European Retail Bank, 2002

Creating Value from Mergers & Acquisitions, 2nd edition

Decade of Stock Market Turmoil (2000--2010), 2012

Definitive Guide to Business Finance, 2nd edition, 2007
Determining Value: Valuation Models & Financial Statements, 2001
Dictionary of Insurance, 2nd Ed, 2004.
Due Diligence: Definitive Steps to Successful Business Combinations, 2003
Economics of Money, Banking and Finance, 4th edition (2008)

Essential Economics for Business , 4th edition, 2015

Essential Finance & Accounting for Managers, 2002

Exchange Rates & International Finance, 6th edition, 2014

Finance in a Nutshell: A No-Nonsense Companion to the Tools and Techniques of Finance
By Javier Estrada, November 2005

Financial Accounting (2008)

Financial Accounting & Reporting, 14th edition

Financial Accounting for Decision Makers, 6th edition

Financial & Management Accounting, 4rd Edition
By Pauline Weetman, 2006

Financial Crisis

Financial Due Diligence 2000
Financial Economics December 2001
Financial Geometry: A Geometric Approach to Hedging & Risk Management
By Alvin Kuruc, December 2003

Financial Management for Decision Makers, 7th edition, 2014

Financial Markets & Institutions, 2014

Financial Markets & Institutions, 5th edition, 2007

Financial Statement Analysis, 2012

Financial Times Guide to Investment Trusts, 2014

Financial Times Guide to Pensions & Wealth in Retirement, 2nd edition, 2012

Financial Times Guide to Spread Betting, 2012

Financial Times Guide to Using the Financial Pages, 5th Edition, 2006

Fundamentals of Investments, 2002
Future of Banking
By Henry Engler & James Essinger, March 2001

Global Financial Systems: Stability & Risk, 2014

Handbook of Corporate Finance: A Business Companion
to Financial Markets, Decisions & Techniques, 2005

How to Fund Your Business (2006)

How to Talk Finance: Getting to Grips with the Numbers in Business. 2015

In Search of Shareholder Value Managing the Drivers of Performance
By Andrew Black and Philip Wright, 2000

International Finance, 2012

International Financial Reporting, 3rd edition, 2011

Introduction to Accounting & Finance, 2005
Introduction to Banking 2006
Managing Business Finance, D.R. Myddelton, 2000
Managing Tomorrow Today: Dynamic Financial Management, 2001
Mastering Collateral Management & Documentation, 2002

Mastering Financial Mathematics in Microsoft® Excel [CD-ROM included], 2005

Mastering Investment Banking Securities, 2011

Mastering Spreadsheet Budgets and Forecasts
A Practical Guide to Preparing and Presenting Financial Information - 2nd Edition
By Malcolm Secrett, March 2000

Mastering Treasury Office Operations: A Practical Guide for the Back Office Professional
By Denis Nolan, July 2001

Money Myth, 2012

Multinational Finance, 5th Ed., 2003
Personal Financial Planner, 2nd Edition, 2002
Preparing for the Euro: What UK Companies Must Do to Be Ready, 2002
Role of the Finance Director, 3rd edition, August 2002
Strategic Valuation of Companies, 2nd Edition
By Alan Gregory, August 2001

Taxation: Finance Act 2015, 21st edition, 2015

Taxation: UK Finance Act 2013, 19th ed., 2014

Transforming the Finance Function, 2nd Edition
By Margaret May, December 2002

Wealth After Work: Planning Your Great Escape, 2002

Zurich Tax Handbook 2010-2011