Business Finance, 9th edition
Theory & Practice

By Eddie McLaney
August 2011
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273750451
518 Pages, Illustrated
$117.50 Paper Original

Taking a user-friendly approach, McLaney's Business Finance explores the type of investments a business should make and how they should be financed. The text successfully blends the theoretical, analytical and practical aspects of finance and investments. The new edition has a real world flavour, exploring the theories surrounding financial decision making and relating these theories to what happens in the real business world.

Part 1 The business finance environment

1- Introduction
2- A framework for financial decision making
3- Financial (accounting) statements and their interpretation

Part 2 Investment decisions

4- Investment appraisal methods
5- Practical aspects of investment appraisal
6- Risk in investment appraisal
7- Portfolio theory and its relevance to real investment decisions

Part 3 Financing decisions

8- Sources of long-term finance
9- The secondary capital market (the stock exchange) and its efficiency
10- Cost of capital estimations and the discount rate
11- Gearing, the cost of capital and shareholders’ wealth
12-The dividend decision

Part 4 Integrated decisions

13-Management of working capital
14-Corporate restructuring (including takeovers and divestments)
15-International aspects of business finance
16-Small businesses

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