Corporate Finance & Investment, 7th edition
Decisions & Strategies

By Richard Pike, et al.
October 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273763536
844 Pages, Illustrated
$147.50 Paper Original

Corporate Finance and Investments, now in its seventh edition, is a popular and well-regarded text for students of corporate finance. The text takes a practical approach, focusing on the strategic issues of finance in a business setting. 

With clear and accessible language and an international perspective, the seventh edition will provide students with both essential knowledge of corporate finance and the tools to apply it.



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Part I A Framework for Financial Decisions
1 An overview of financial management
2 The financial environment
3 Present values, and bond and share valuation

Part II Investment Decisions and Strategies
4 Investment appraisal methods
5 Project appraisal - applications
6 Investment strategy and process

Part III Value, Risk and the Required Return
7 Analysing investment risk
8 Relationships between investments: portfolio theory
9 Setting the risk premium: the Capital Asset Pricing Model
10 The required rate of return on investment
11 Enterprise value and equity value
12 Identifying and rating options

Part IV Short-Term Financing and Policies
13 Risk and treasury management
14 Short-term asset management
15 Short- and medium-term finance

Part V Strategic Financial Decisions
16 Long-term finance
17 Returning value to shareholders: the divident decision
18 Capital structure and the required return
19 Does capital structure really matter?
20 Acquisitions and restructuring

Part VI International Financial Management
21 Managing currency risk
22 Foreign investment decision
23 Key issues in modern finance: a review

Appendix A Solutions to self-assessment activities
Appendix B Solutions to selected questions
Appendix C Present value interest factor (PVIF)
Appendix D Present value interest factor for an annuity (PVIFA)


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