Creating the Successful European Retail Bank
Financial Times Executive Briefings

By Mark Moore
Financial Times / Pearson Education
July 2002
ISBN: 0-273-65676-7
144 Pages, 8 ¼" x 11 ¾"
$295.00 paper original


Today, retail financial service providers have far more than their traditional competitors to worry about. Competition for the consumers’ wallet has become a global business powered by new business models, whilst retailers and Internet start-ups have encroached into their traditional marketplace. Meanwhile, consumer expectations are rising. What will distinguish the winners in retail financial services in the years ahead?

This briefing allows you to understand the rapid pace of strategic and technological change and shows you how to respond to the opportunities to align and implement new business. Drawing on extensive primary research and featuring comprehensive case studies, it identifies the essential strategies in creating the model for the winning retail financial services provider.

Contents include: New dimensions in customer acquisition and management Customer centric management of multiple delivery channels Financial services and the Internet The commercial challenge posed by the Internet The branch The ATM and self service kiosk Telephone banking The call centre Banking online iTV and mobile commerce – the future of electronic delivery?

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Executive summary
New dimensions in customer acquisition and management The customer-centric revolution: the background Key defining characteristics of today’s customers view their banks Disintermediation Why opportunities have arisen for newcomers to get in on the act The struggle for survival: the move to the customer-centric business model What exactly do customers want from their retail financial service providers? The strategy of the customer-centric retail financial service provider
Customer-centric management of multiple delivery channels Creating a customer-centric channel startegy The customer loyalty challenge
Financial services and the Internet The security issue Strategic aspects of delivering financial services via the Internet The commercial challenge of the Internet The challenge posed by non-bank players The six major trends in how e-commerce will impact on business The relationship between e-commerce and e-business The increasing popularity of the Internet as a way of shopping Barriers to online shopping
The branch Evolution, not extinction Reasons for the decline in the traditional branch
The ATM and the self-service kiosk ATMs and security The strategic direction of the ATM ATMs around the world Origins of UK ATM networks Strategic guidelines: making the most of ATMs ATMs and smart cards
Telephone banking Types of banking service available via the telephone The cost of telephone banking The primacy of the call centre in a telephone banking system Conclusion Banking online Interactive digital television Conclusions Managing the threats and exploiting opportunities Glossary

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