Demerging Organizations: A Guide to Best Practice

By William Tate
Mar. 1999
ISBN: 0-273-63972-2
$232.00 Paper Original

In the face of pressure to increase shareholder value, conglomerates are turning to demerger in an attempt to release value to deliver the expected returns. Yet, this is a complex, traumatic and potentially costly process on which there tends to be limited internal expertise. With the help of this new report you will be able to overcome these obstacles. Drawing on the author's first hand experience of demerger consultancy for the Burton Group, the briefing details best practice for managing demergers. It will enable you to understand and manage the internal consequences at both a strategic and operational level. For anyone contemplating, or in the midst of, breaking up conglomerates, this briefing is essential reading.

Contents include
Deciding whether to demerge
demerging to add value
reasons given for demerging
decision-making models checklists
Planning how to demerge
risk analysis
issues of culture
success criteria
demerger competencies
Case study The Burton Group

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