Essential Finance &
Accounting for Managers

By Leslie Chadwick
Financial Times / Pearson Education
July 2002
ISBN: 0-273-64648-6
435 Pages, 6 3/4 x 9 1/4"
$87.50 paper original

This book fills an obvious gap in the market for a good combined finance and accounting source for MBA and executive students. Avoiding a number crunching and preparation approach, Essential Finance and Accounting for Managers focuses instead on critical analysis, interpretation and real life orientation. It takes MBA students beyond the beginners/non specialist level and helps them apply finance with accounting tools and techniques to the real world of business.

The book benefits from a concise approach to the subject, only covering material that the busy manager or executive will need to know. The emphasis is on interpretation and analysis rather than a detailed understanding of finance or accounting sufficiently challenging the reader without being too technical.

The text includes excellent pedagogy,namely: learning objectives; selfassessment questions with solutions; step by step examples; chapter summaries and numerous diagrams, charts and tables. It includes real world case studies with outline and solutions that help students apply what they learn to the real world of business.

There are FT articles included for reference, adding to the easy application of the information given in the chapters. There is a teacherís manual that supports the content with OHT masters, further cases, solutions to the tutor assignments and a wealth of extras to assist the busy lecturer.

1. An Introduction to the Accounting Scene
2. Concepts and Creativity
3. The Depreciation of Fixed Assets
4. Sources of Business Finance
5. The Financial Statements
6. Cash Flow Statements
7. Preparing a Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet from a Trial Balance
8. Performance Measurement - The Interpretation and Analysis of Financial Statements
9. The Published Financial Statements of Companies
10. Performance Measurement - Other Aspects.
11. Case Studies
12. An Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting
13. Materials and Labour
14. Total Absorption Costing
15. Activity-Based Costing
16. Marginal Costs and Break-Even Analysis
17. Budgetary Control
18. Capital Investment Appraisal
19. Case Studies
20. Beware of Accountants.

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