Financial Economics
Making Sense of Market Information

By Brian Kettell
Financial Times / Pearson Education
December 2001
ISBN: 0273630733
523 Pages, Illustrated, 6 1/8 x 9 1/8"
$72.50 paper original

In the last 20 years there has been a revolution in the way financial economists understand the financial market place. The announcement that the 1990 Nobel prize for Economics had been awarded to three financial economists acknowledged that financial economics is now a subject in its own right and needs to be studied as such.

Financial Economics brings this science out of the realms of academia and into the handsof those that can most use it. This fusion of economics, finance and statistics now enables investors to gain a true understanding of how the markets behave and how to perfect their trading strategies.

The book demystifies financial economics in a manner that will provide you with a thorough understanding that can be immediately put into practice without overwhelming you with the trivial. It looks at what exactly financial economics is, its founding fathers and their theories, its role in the valuation of financial assets and recent developments in the field. Chapters within the book also investigate more closely modern portfolio theory, capital market theory, behavioural finance, bubbleology, some puzzles in financial markets and the relationship between derivatives markets and financial economics.

Financial Economics is essential reading for dealers, analysts, newcomers to the financial markets, and finance professionals across the board who need to maintain their edge at the forefront of developments in financial markets. top Features In the fast moving financial environment it is essential to be familiar with what underlies movements within these markets. This book concentrates on an understanding of the economics that underlie the quest for value. Highlights key indicators that influence markets and how they impact upon the pricing of financial assets. Essential for newcomers to international financial markets.

Author Brian Kettell has many years' experience in banking and banking training in the international financial markets. A graduate of the London School of Economics, he has subsequently worked for Citibank, American Express, the Arab Banking Corporation (Vice President) and Shearson Lehman. He has lectured widely, and has published over 70 articles in The Economist, the International Herald Tribune and Financial Weekly. His previous books include: The Foreign Exchange Handbook, Monetary Economics, The International Debt Game, and the Business Guide to the Foreign Exchange Market.

Reviews "Brian Kettell’s Financial Economics is a very clear, up-to-date and highly readable treatment of the subject. It provides a nice perspective on how the subject has developed, as well as an easily understandable overview of recent developments and controversies. It will become a standard reference in the field." Professor Kevin Dowd, Nottingham University Business School

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