Financial Times Guide to Pensions & Wealth in Retirement, 2nd edition

By John Greenwood
June 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273763031
286 Pages
$59.50 paper original

This book will help you navigate your way through the complex maze of state, private, workplace and individual pensions, offering you a range of achievable solutions you can carry out yourself to make a significant difference to your retirement income. It explains the different types of pension that exist and offers expert advice on efficient ways to build a secure retirement and how to manage that security once you have retired.





New to this edition

Part 1 – Pensions – what they mean to you

Chapter 1 – Solving your own personal pensions crisis

Chapter 2 – Drawing up your retirement saving plan

Part 2 – Private pensions

Chapter 3 - How private pensions work

Chapter 4 - Personal and stakeholder pensions

Chapter 5 - Workplace schemes: money purchase

Chapter 6 – Workplace schemes: final salary

Chapter 7 - Self-invested personal pensions (SIPPSs)

Chapter 8 - Small self-administered schemes (SSASs)

Chapter 9 – Investment strategy: constructing your portfolio

Part 3 – State pension provision

Chapter 10 – State pension

Chapter 11 – Pension Credit and means-testing

Chapter 12 - Contracting out of the state pension system

Part 4 – Wealth management in retirement

Chapter 13 - Managing your retirement

Chapter 14 – Annuities

Chapter 15 - Income drawdown

Chapter 16 – Retirement savings not held in pensions

Chapter 17 – Disputes and unclaimed pensions

Chapter 18 - Retiring abroad

Chapter 19 – Inheritance Tax planning in retirement

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