Financial Performance Measurement
& Shareholder Value Explained

By A. Hennell & A. Warner
May 1998
Financial Times
ISBN: 0-273-63576-X
127 pages
$98.50 Paper Original

This book sets out to explain the concept of shareholder value, how it is measured and the ways in which it can be maximised within a business. It is theoretically rigorous but cuts through the jargon and formulae usually associated with this subject. The end result is an independent review of the different value creation models together with practical advice on how such a system should be implemented. The starting point of the book is a review for the need for performance measures and the introduction of the concept of shareholder value. Conventional financial measures are then discussed together with their inherent limitations. Later chaperters review the new metrics being used by companies, shareholders and analsyts to measure value creation. The publication finishes with some practical advice on implementing shareholder value measures throughout a business. The book is suitable for use on any course that addresses the concept of shareholder value. Its practical nature demonstrates the skills and ability of the Management Training Partnership to provide user-friendly and effective learning for all managers.
Contents include: The broader context of financial performance measurement, operational measures of business performance, shareholder ratios, economic value added, other approaches to measuring shareholder value at corporate level, cascading shareholder value into the business, value-based management.

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