Financial Accounting
An Introduction

By Augustine Benedict
Financial Times/ Prentice Hall
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
October 2008
ISBN: 9780273688853
776 Pages
$177.50 paper original

Financial Accounting: An Introduction presents an expansive and up-to-date treatment of an ever-important discipline. Without over-simplifying the subject, Augustine Benedict and Barry Elliott have created a progressive guide to financial accounting which tackles not only the fundamentals, but also includes coverage of new and emerging topics - chief among them IFRS.


Part A The Financial Accounting System

Chapter (1):  The need for accounting

Chapter (2): Controlling and accounting for Cash

Chapter (3): The double entry accounting system

Chapter (4): The Income Statement and Balance Sheet

Chapter (5): Accounting for credit transactions

Chapter (6):  Inventories, Profit Margin and Gross Profit Ratio

Chapter (7): Accruals, Prepayments, Depreciation and Bad debts

Chapter (8): The Journal and correction of errors

Part B Accounting for Bank Balances, Receivables and Payables

Chapter (9): Bank Account and Bank Reconciliation

Chapter (10): Control Accounts

Chapter (11): Accounting for Sales Tax (VAT) and Payroll

Chapter (12)  Accounting Systems and controls

Chapter (13)  Computers in accounting

Part C The Conceptual Framework

Chapter (14): The Conceptual Framework for Accounting

Chapter (15): Revenue recognition

Part D Accounting for Non-Current assets, Liabilities and Provisions

Chapter (16) : Accounting for tangible non current assets

Chapter (17): Non Current Asset – Disposal and revaluation

Chapter (18) : Accounting for intangible assets and government grants

Chapter (19) : Liability, Provision, Contingency and Post Balance Sheet events

Part E Accounting for Sole traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies

Chapter (20) : Incomplete Records

Chapter (21) : Accounting for limited companies

Chapter (22) : Cash Flow Statements

Chapter (23) : Accounting Ratios  and  Interpretation of financial statements

Chapter (24) :  Group accounts

Chapter (25) : Accounting for Partnerships


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