Global Cash Management in Europe
Policies & Practice in Western Europe

Edited by David F. Birks
July 1998
Macmillan UK
ISBN: 0333720482
288 pages
$210.00 hardcover

The single European Market, the Second Banking Directive, relaxation of cross-border capital and funds movements and the possible introduction of a single European currency have led most corporations to adopt new cash management strategies, or to plan for major structural changes in the near future. This book focuses upon treasury and electronic banking practices in European Cash Management. It is based upon research done by 19 leading European Business Schools and practitioners involved in planning, gathering and analysing data and will include discussion of recent themes and issues.

Global Cash - Europe 96; D. Middleton
Security of Computerised Cash Management; T. de Caux & A. Walsh
Development Prospects in International Cash Management: What Future for the Corporate Bank; W. Gerke, G. Pfeufer-Kinnel & A. Burrak
Foreign Bank Entry into the Cash Management Markets of Central and Eastern Europe; S. Scott-Green
The Management of International Cash Transactions and Associated Foreign Exchange Transactions: A Comparative Study of Practices in the UK, Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe; G. Bergendahl & A. Birts
Cash Management Market Segmentation; D. Birks & A. Birts
Choosing a Cash Management Bank: Customer Criteria and Bank Strategies; P.N.D. Bukh, N.P. Mols & P. Blenker
Choosing a Domestic Cash Management Bank; D. Birks & A. Birts
Customer Relationships: Virtual Banking and Cash Management Services in Italy; E. Gualandri & A. Omarini
Service Quality in Domestic Cash Management Banks; D. Birks & A. Birts
Service Quality in an International Cash Management Environment; G. Senum & D. Birks
Quality and Duration of Bank Relationships; S. Ongena & D. Smith
Researching Cash Management, Treasury and Electronic Banking Practices; D. Birks

Author Biography:
DAVID F.BIRKS is Lecturer in Marketing in the School of Management at the University of Bath. Specialising in marketing research methods, he has worked on a variety of marketing research projects for industrial companies, local authorities, charities and financial organisations.

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