Handbook of Corporate Finance
A Business Companion to Financial
Markets, Decisions & Techniques

By Glen Arnold
Financial Times / Pearson Education
March 2005
ISBN: 0273688510
736 Pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$95.00 Paper Original

The imperatives of modern business mean that, sooner or later, every executive will have to get to grips with finance. Its terms, its tools, its techniques. Corporate finance touches every aspect of your business: from deciding which capital expenditure projects are worthy of backing for tomorrow, to the immediate and daily challenge of managing business units for shareholder value.

Finance is the framework for corporate decisions and the language of corporate decision-makers. Fluency in finance will serve you and your business well. This book is the authoritative, comprehensive and crystal-clear companion to business finance. Managers climbing the corporate ladder find the further they go the more they need to understand the concepts and jargon of finance, both for internal decision making and external interaction with investors, bankers and the City. It is normally the case that managers have not received any formal training in finance.

Furthermore they are not in a position to withdraw from the business in order to dedicate time to study. These managers need a guide that will allow them to absorb and apply the essential tools of finance while they continue with their executive responsibilities. Managers also need to be reading the financial pages of broadsheet newspapers to comprehend the wider environment in which the business operates. This book will help with intelligent reading of these publications. This book is a comprehensive, authoritative, crystal-clear guide and directed at real world problem solving, it will ensure that managers have the financial knowledge they need to succeed.

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