International Joint Ventures:

A Practical Guide
Financial Times Executive Briefings Series

By Simon Berger
Financial Times / Pearson Education
October 1999
ISBN: 0-273-64508-0
320 Pages
$240.00 paper original

Every business has plenty of information, but do you have the right information when you need it? Executive Briefings concentrate on delivering actionable information, designed to help executives ask the right questions, make the right decisions and take the right action. Whatever the opportunity or challenge that your business faces, an Executive Briefing will give you the insight to evaluate the situation and the tools to implement change.

As the trend towards global business continues, more companies are enteringinternational joint ventures to widen their sales base or to execute vital business projects. However, many joint ventures fall apart due to inadequate planning. International Joint Ventures is essential reading for any executive responsiblefor setting up, negotiating or overseeing the success of a joint venture.

This highlypractical briefing alerts you to the inherent structural risks involved and discusses howthey can be interfaced with your company’s commercial ambitions. It guides youthrough all the key aspects of setting up the joint venture, including competition laws,tax and accounting treatment, technology licensing, management, employment andenvironmental matters, with checklists and sample documents to help you. Consult thisvital report before embarking on your next venture.

Contents include:
Why set up a joint venture?
Planning the joint venture
Regulatory matters
Commercial issues for the Joint Venture Agreement
Legal and dispute resolution procedures
Case studies and documents

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