Mastering Financial Mathematics
in Microsoft® Excel

A Practical Guide For Business Calculations
[CD-ROM included]

By Alastair L. Day
November 2005
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0273688669
367 pages, Illustrated, 7" x 9 ½"
$54.99 Paper Original

There are a number of books on financial mathematics, which either discuss the methods or use HP financial calculators. Using HP calculators is slow and prone to error and the variables cannot be seen once entered. Since most financial managers have Excel on their desk, it is more efficient to solve the problems on spreadsheets and gain the benefits of layout and more comprehensive information. Day provides a set of tools and methods to apply to Excel for solving mathematical problems. This is a practical guide with exercises and solutions throughout.

" A practical guide to using Excel for financial mathematics ideal for both financial managers and business students.
" Improve your abilities with Excel and produce solutions to your financial problems.
" Encludes a library of templates, exercises and solutions as an illustration of the methods.

Author Alastair Day has worked in the finance industry for 20 years in treasury and marketing functions. In 1990 he established Systematic Finance as a consultancy and financial lessor concentrating on the computer and communications industries. Alastair has a degree in Economics and German from London University, an MBA from the Open University Business School, and is an associate lecturer in corporate finance with the OUBS.

He is the successful author of several books including Mastering financial Modelling, Mastering Risk Modelling and The Financial Director's Guide to Purchasing Leasing published by the Financial Times Prentice Hall and a range of software products. In addition, he develops and presents public and in-house courses on a range of topics including financial modelling, leasing, credit and cash flow analysis, and other corporate finance topics.

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