Money Myth
A Classic Introduction to the Modern World of Finance & Investing

By Alexander Davidson
September 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273755203
262 Pages, Illustrated
$49.50 Paper Original

Financial markets use persuasion, propaganda and salesmanship to survive. They smooth over weaknesses and highlight their strengths to seduce us into parting with our money. Investment products wrapped in euphemisms and simplified language hide complexity and unclear risk. This book helps you to understand the real risks involved in investing, make informed decisions and take control of your investments.




Part One The investor’s journey

Chapter 1 The rational stock market investor

Chapter 2 Magic numbers

Chapter 3 Safe havens

Chapter 4 Charm trap

Part Two Trading to win

Chapter 5 The disciplined share trader

Chapter 6 Bear market toolkit

Chapter 7 Charting dreams

Chapter 8 Technical indicator secrets

Part Three The professionals at work

Chapter 9 Investment banking power

Chapter 10 The super traders

Chapter 11 Derivatives chaos

Chapter 12 Currency markets miasma

Part Four Your money

Chapter 13 Bank tricks

Chapter 14 Collective investments unmasked

Chapter 15 Pensions crisis

Part Five Safety first

Chapter 16 Insurance comfort

Chapter 17 Risk without frontiers

Chapter 18 The price of reputation

Chapter 19 Blow-up

Part Six Rules or ruin

Chapter 20 Decline and fall

Chapter 21 New rules, new city

Chapter 22 Face lift for the Old Lady

Chapter 23 Corporate heartbeat

Part Seven Behind the façade

Chapter 24 The day of the whistle-blower

Chapter 25 Media manoeuvres

Chapter 26 The power of perception

A final word


Appendix 1. Wake-up investment rules

Appendix 2. Regulatory Trends

Appendix 3. Investment software checklist

Appendix 5. Useful web sites

Appendix 6. Further resources


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