Multinational Finance
5th edition

By Adrian Buckley
Financial Times / Pearson Education
December 2003
ISBN: 0-273-68209-1
776 Pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$97.50 paper original

Multinational Finance is an authoritative and comprehensive description of the theory and practice of international finance and its management. This fifth edition builds on the strengths of previous editions, offering a user-friendly guide to the subject that moves through the basics to the advanced with clarity and conciseness. The content has been thoroughly revised to incorporate the most up to date information in terms of markets, coverage of new financial instruments, and the latest empirical work (in particular in relation to discount rates and required rates of return). A key feature of this edition is its strong European orientation, a theme that runs throughout the book and makes Multinational Finance unique in its field. Multinational Finance is recommended for undergraduate, MBA and other postgraduate courses in international financial management taken as a part of a degree programme in finance or international business. The book also caters for professionals in the financial field.

Strong European orientation with full coverage of markets and issues relating to this region make the book ideal for courses in Europe. Plenty of exercises and multiple choice questions are provided for each part to allow students to track their own progress. Each chapter ends with an extensive summary, sign-posted with bullet points to ease the revision of key points. Much-praised, comprehensive glossary.

PART A: ESSENTIAL BACKGROUND 1. Introduction 2. The international monetary system 3. Corporate finance around the world
PART B: FOREIGN EXCHANGE 4. Exchange rates: the basic equations 5. Foreign exchange markets 6. The balance of payments 7. Theories and empiricism on exchange rate movements 8. Definitions of foreign exchange risk 9. Financial accounting and foreign exchange TEST BANK 1 Exercises Multiple choice questions
PART C: HEDGING 10. Does foreign exchange exposure matter? 11. Principles of exposure management 12. Internal techniques of exposure management 13. External techniques of exposure management TEST BANK 2 Exercises Multiple choice questions
PART D: DERIVATIVES 14. Swaps 15. Financial futures and foreign exchange 16. Options 17. Currency options 18. Interest rate risk 19. Financial engineering TEST BANK 3 Exercises Multiple choice questions
PART E: INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL BUDGETING 20. The internationalization process 21. Exchange controls and corporate tax in international investment 22. The international capital budgeting framework 23. The international capital budgeting model 24. International investment: what discount rate? 25. Country risk analysis and political risk 26. International capital budgeting: the practicalities TEST BANK 4 Exercises Multiple choice questions
PART F: INTERNATIONAL FINANCING 27. International debt instruments 28. Financing the multinational and its overseas subsidiaries 29. Cash management 30. Project finance 31. Financing international trade and minimizing credit risk
PART G: MISCELLANEOUS 32. Miscellaneous issues in multinational finance TEST BANK 5 Exercises Multiple choice questions Suggested answers to selected exercises Suggested answers to end of chapter questions Solutions to multiple choice questions
Appendix 1: Present value of $1
Appendix 2: Present value of $1 received annually for n years
Appendix 3: Table of areas under the normal curve
Appendix 4: Black and Scholes value of call option expressed as a percentage of the share price
Appendix 5: Present value of $1 with a continuous discount rate, r , for T periods. Values of e-rt
Appendix 6: SWIFT codes Glossary References Index

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