Personal Financial Planner, 2nd Edition
The Indispensable Tool for Building Financial
Security & Managing Your Wealth

By Debbie Harrison
Financial Times / Pearson Education
December 2002
ISBN: 0-273-64364-9
280 Pages, 6 1/4" x 9 1/4"
$49.50 paper original

The key to financial security is good financial planning. We can no longer rely on the State to provide for us. Our future prosperity – and that of our children - lies in our own hands. For some this will represent an exciting challenge, but for many the confusing jargon, the increasing complexity of products and the major scandals in the pension and mortgage markets have made finance a frightening and frustrating topic.

Help is at hand! Whether you need to buy a house, purchase vital protection insurances, save for your children’s education and your own retirement, here is a plain English guide to help you manage your finances with care and get the best value for your money.

Personal Financial Planner will provide you with all the valuable information you need to make sound investment decisions, enabling you to meet your short, medium and long-term goals and plan for a secure future with confidence.

Written by Debbie Harrison, an award-winning author and journalist, this new edition of Personal Financial Planner will enable you to: find a good financial planner protect yourself and your family against illness and loss of income with vital insurances minimise tax make a will understand how investments work invest in the right assets and products for your short, medium and long term requirements plan for future educational fees select the right mortgage plan for your retirement. Written in Debbie’s renowned accessible style, Personal Financial Planner provides you with sound financial advice that strikes a much-needed balance between the over-simplified and the highly technical advice otherwise available. Personal Financial Planning Putting the ‘personal’ back into personal finance.

Author Debbie Harrison is an award-winning financial author and journalist. She writes regularly for the Financial Times, Sunday Business, Bloomberg Money and Investment Week. Her technical work includes five major Financial Times reports on retail and institutional investment. Her consumer books include The First Time Investor, Pension Power and The Money Zone, published by Pearson Education and How to Make it in The City, published by Virgin Publishing.

Reviews "…get the best possible advice about investing from someone who's learnt the hard way. It's very good - Debbie understands financial planning inside out." The Independent

"Debbie Harrison is one of the most knowledgeable writers on investment in the market today and she communicates with great clarity. Her skills are combined in The First Time Investor to provide invaluable assistance to anyone who wants, or needs, to know more about investment." The Observer

"Debbie Harrison is the best personal finance writer in this country today… Even by Debbie’s exceptionally high standards, The Money Zone is an excellent book which tackles subjects many have tackled over the years, but failed to do so in a convincing manner." Investor’s Week

"Debbie Harrison combines an insider’s knowledge of investment with an outsider’s ability to judge and explain. The First Time Investor is a book for all those daunted by mindless jargon and who are afraid of the unknown." Financial Times

"Pension Power may well prove to be the most well-rounded and reader-friendly pensions handbook to date." Pensions World

"The First Time Investor carries all of the Debbie Harrison hallmarks. Precise and clear for the novice, whilst still containing enough for the investor who has a lot more knowledge. Debbie’s books are always worth keeping close by for reference." Anderson

"The Money Zone is a money book for the Freedom Years that’s both funky and factual. Packed with career and finance tips but cool enough that you won’t have to hide it on the bookshelf." Money Unlimited

"Buying The First Time Investor is itself a great investment and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. It should be read from cover to cover before making any decisions about your personal finances. This is the sort of book which empowers the private investor to make the sort of decisions which are going to prove profitable for them in the long term." Bloomberg Money

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