Wealth After Work
Planning Your Great Escape

By Debbie Harrison
Financial Times / Pearson Education
December 2002
ISBN: 0-273-65681-3
335 Pages, Illustrated, 6 1/4" x 9 1/4"
$45.00 Paper Original

You've done your bit for society and it's time to plan the great escape – do the things you always wanted to do. You are about to find out you've got the time, the energy and the money. All you need now is a little inspiration and to get organised. This book will help you do just that.

In your 50s and 60s you make financial decisions that will transform your life. You plan to leave work, sort out your pension and other investments, and pay off the mortgage. Then what? How about that world cruise? Or perhaps you want to sell up and move to the coast. You could retire abroad. You might even want to use the tax-free cash from your company pension to start your own consultancy and have a second career – doing it your way this time.

Whatever your aspirations, Wealth After Work is written with you in mind. The last thing you need is a dull grey guide to the twilight world of pensioners. This book will show you the scenic route to the best years of your life. It looks at all the tough issues you need to address and does it with style and ease.

Wealth After Work

Isn’t it time you planned your great escape?

Contents Section One: Metamorphosis
Chapter 1: Kickstart Your Great Escape what do you want to change? the swot test life coaching
Chapter 2 : Work is a Four Letter Word recruitment comsultants change within your profession temporary work contract employment interim managers reading matters
Chapter 3 : The Company of Wolves going into business? structures for business financing your own business your business plan the finance provider's aims business support services
Chapter 4 : Your Financial Minder what is a financial adviser? financial planners stockbroker services paying for advice the client agreement changing your adviser
Section Two : La Dolce Vita
Chapter 5 : Life Assurance - Your Money and Your Life how much cover do you need? which type of policy? tips on buying your insurance the medical how to pay
Chapter 6 : Disability Insurance - What's Up Doc? state benefits your employer's scheme private income protection insurance critical illness waiver of premium for pension plans
Chapter 7 : Medical Insurance - Carry on Nurse what the state provides what your employer provides how PMI works medical history premium increases
Chapter 8 : Long-term Care - At The End of The Day check your options carefully pre-funding plans immediate care annuities LTC investment alternatives
Section Three : The Money Pit
Chapter 9 : Equities and Bonds Without Tears UK equities overseas equities bonds index linked gilts cash property comparing equities, bonds and cash period of investment dividend reinvestment income from equities or bonds? different styles of fund management
Chapter 10: Nightmare on Wall Street inflation risk capital risk how to manage risk asset allocation re-weighting your portfolio collective funds for overseas exposure market cycles
Section Four : A Fistfull of Dollars
Chapter 11 : Rainy Days and Mondays easy access for rainy days Safety at a price tax staus income earners halway houses
Chapter12 : Strength in Numbers unit trusts and open-ended investment companies investment trusts insurance funds alternative investments / hedge funds friendly society policies offshore funds PEPs - personal equity plans ISAs - individual savings accounts
Chapter 13 : Kepping Good Company your starting point investment aims buying and selling comapny share schemes how shares are grouped the FTSE international indices classification by sector how to value shares key indicators in practice making comparisons
Chapter 14 : The Name is Bond government bonds the safety of your investment price fluctuations index linked gilts corporate bonds
Chapter 15 : Farewell to Arms ethical inestment research service defining an ethical policy impact on performance alternative investments
Chapter 16 : Cycles and Bears how bubbles burst and markets crash your survival kit the essential jargon the market cycles how to deal with bears
Chapter 17 : Performance compare potential with 'safe' investments performance measurement services periods of measurement guide to reading the financial pages share price information
Chapter 18 : The Taxman Cometh keep it legal your tax allowances and exemptions income tax and personal allowance capital gains tax reduce your inheritance bill
Section 5 : A Man of Property
Chapter 19 : The Caretaker financial health warning taxation buy to let
Chapter 20 : Room With A View keep your home safe how equity release schemes work reversion plans
Section 6 : The Long Goodbye
Chapter 21 : Big Brother state pension forecasts how the state pension works national insurance and the state pension the basic pension additional pension (Serps) the state second pension appeals
Chapter 22 : Gold Watch Blues stakeholder schemes final salary schemes unapproved company schemes how does your company scheme rate? money purchase schemes how does your money purchase scheme rate? special schemes for execs special schemes for family businesses pensions and divorce
Chapter 23 : Give Your Pension a Shot in the Arm tax treatment of top-up pensions your employers AVC scheme how do they work? contribution limits AVCs and stakeholder schemes how you take the proceeds ISAs to boost retirement income
Chapter 24 : Pensions - This Time It's Personal stakeholder schemes contributions to stakeholders and personal pensions how to get the best value what can you buy with your fund? life assurance retirement annuities who sells personal pensions? investment options self invested personal pensions group personal pensions pensions for children and spouses
Chapter 25 : You Pays Your Money You Takes Your Choice retirement income options for money purchase pensions why leave the fund where it is? conventional annuities the impact of your options on initial income higher incme for those in poor health investment-linked and flexible annuities drawdown and phased retirement
Chapter 26 : Retiring in the Sun state pensions company and private pensions dealing with the taxman tax havens not so heavenly
Appendix 1 : Surfing for information
Appendix 2 : Where there's a will there's a relative
Appendix 3 : I hate to complain but ...

Author Debbie Harrison is an award winning financial journalist and best-selling author. She writes regularly for the Financial Times, Investment Week and Bloomberg, and is the author of five Financial Times reports on retail and institutional investment. Her consumer books include The First Time Investor, Personal Financial Planner, Pension Power and The Money Zone and How to Make it in the City.

"Make these (retirement) the best years of your life by taking Debbie Harrison's wise advice." Active Life

"For anybody who views investment as a jungle, Wealth After Work is machete, guide and survival kit combined. If all personal finance books were this interesting, informative and accessible, the subject might be more readily compared to a walk in the park." Julian Marr, Editor, Bloomberg Money

"Wealth After Work is in a league of its own. Debbie Harrison's excellent book provides advice on the financial and the emotional preparation you need to make the transition from full-time employment. An invaluable route-map for planning your great escape from the Nine to Five. " Marianne Curphey, Executive Editor, Guardian Unlimited Money

"A superbly practical book, written in an engaging, entertaining and highly useful way. Any book which starts with a quote from Monty Python and ends with information on how to complain demands to be read. Debbie Harrison is the only author in the UK who writes financial books with the sort of panache and credibility usually associated with novelists. This book appeals to consumers of all ages; you don't have to wait until you're retired to read it." Lawrence Gosling, Editorial Director, Incisive Media

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